Saturday, 31 July 2010

Pink & Blue.

I haven't had much time for crafting the last couple of weeks too much other stuff going on!!
One of my work buddies was having trouble finding a card for his Foster Mum so commissioned something pink, glitzy with Flowers and Butterfly's

and inside!!!

Next is a gift for one of James' work colleauges and his wife, thier Baby boy Jack was born on Tuesday.

Thank you Tiggertastic!xxx

I recieved these today in the post from my Friend Sarah Louise aka Tiggertastic

This gorgeous ATC along with these frames ready to alter. Also this gorgeous card!!

Thank you Sarah for such a lovely suprise!xxxxxxxxx

Birthday wishes!

I was amazed with the gorgeous cards I received this year for my Birthday.
I'm sorry its taken me so long to say a proper thank you!!!!
My First card is from my friend Alison.
The following cards come from my "Crafts On The Net" Friends in the birthday club.
Thank you Ladies!xxx
First from Jessi
Bren Carrie
And last but not least,
Thank you Ladies all so very much!xxxxxxxxxx